Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing Secondary Glazing Diagram

High quality secondary glazing in London, Kent and Surrey

Secondary glazing is suited to properties where replacing glazing may be a problem, or particularly difficult. Here at The Window Clinic, we’re experts in supplying and installing secondary glazing to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Innovative alternative to double glazing

Instead of replacing your existing glazing, secondary glazing fits around it. It’s a useful way to provide enhanced levels of thermal and acoustic insulation without the fuss, cost and disruption of replacing the entire window. If installing double glazing in your property isn’t financially viable, secondary glazing is a great value, cost-effective alternative.

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Providing enhanced levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, secondary glazing is a great way to reduce the energy consumption of a home, keeping warmth inside your property for longer. This can potentially help you to save money on the cost of your heating bills in the long term.

Secondary glazing can also help to reduce the impact of noise pollution on your home: a problem that most homes in London can suffer from. With high quality secondary glazing from The Window Clinic you can reduce the level of external noise penetrating into your home.


  • A great value alternative to double glazing
  • Innovative glazing frame fits around your existing window and enhances thermal and acoustic insulation
  • 4mm thick glazing for improved noise reduction, heat retention and security
  • Sliding, liftout, hinged or vertical moving windows can all be customized to match the existing and look natural along side the original
  • Rigorously tested to ensure that they achieve maximum energy efficiency
  • Our windows deal with all kinds of noise pollution, from low frequency lorries to high frequency motorbikes

Colour options

  • Available in any RAL colour

Hardware options

  • A large range of customisable hardware such as handles and flyscreens available